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Compiled by Camille Blot-Wellens

Catalogues are organized by company. Sources: A: / CF: Cinémathèque francaise / LoC: Library of Congress / RU : Rutgers University (from several collections)




Thos. A. Edison’s Kinetoscope. (1894) RU

Catalogue: Edison and International Films. (1897) RU

Lumiere Films, Edison Films, International Films. (1897) RU

International Photographic Films. (1897-1898) RU

Supplement No. 4, War Extra – Edison Manufacturing Films. (1898) RU

No. 94, Edison Films, March 1900, Complete Catalogue RU

No. 105, Edison Films, July 1901, Complete Catalogue RU

No. 135, Edison Films (1902) RU

No. 142, Edison Films (1902) RU

No. 162, Edison Films. (1902) RU

No. 168, Edison Films, February 1903, Supplement. RU

No. 175, Edison Films, May 1903, Supplement. RU

No. 185, Edison Films, October 1903, Supplement. RU

No. 200, Edison Films, January 1904, Supplement.RU

No. 222, Edison Films, September 1904, Supplement. RU

No. 225, Edison Films to July 1, 1904. RU

No. 268, Edison Film, Watermelon Patch, 24 October 1905.RU

No. 270, Edison Film, Down on the Farm, 2 November 1905. RU

No. 288, Edison Films, July 1906. RU

No. 315, Edison Films, January 1907, Pocket Edition. RU

No. 380, Edison Kinetoscopes, 1 September 1908. RU

Film Catalogue.(1905-1914) RU

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See also Inventing Entertainment: The Early Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies LoC


Complete Catalogue (1903)RU

Lubin’s Films (1904)RU

Lubin’s Films (1905)RU

Lubin’s Films (1905)RU

Lubin’s Films (1905)RU

Lubin’s Films (1905)RU

Lubin’s Films (1905-1906)RU

Lubin’s New Films (1905-1906)RU

Lubin’s Films (1907)RU

Lubin Films Released During the Month of October (1909)RU

Lubin Films Released November 1 to 15 (1909)RU

Lubin Films Released from November 15th to 25th (1909)RU

Lubin Films Released from November 29th to December 16th (1909)RU

Lubin Films Released from December 20th to December 30th (1909)RU

Catalogue No. 3 (n.d.)RU

[Lubin’s Films] (n.d.)RU

Lubin’s New Films (n.d.)RU

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Lumiere Films, Edison Films, International Films. (1897) RU

Catalogue Général des Vues Cinématographiques Positives de la Collection Lumière (1901) RU

See also Catalogue Lumière


Cinematographes Films (1903, May) RU

Pathé Films (1904, US) RU

Supplement for January 1904 RU

Supplement for February 1904 RU

Supplement for March and April 1904 RU

Supplement for May-June 1904 RU

Supplement for August 1904 RU

Pathé Films (1906, US) RU

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See also Filmographie Pathé on the website of the Fondation Jérôme Seydoux-Pathé


Army life; or, how soldiers are made : illustraded from a series of animatograph pictures (1900)CF

Catalogue of Paul’s animatographs & films (1903)CF

Animated photographs of the West of Ireland : depicting the life, scenery and industries of counties Clare, Galway and Mayo (n.d.)CF


We Put the World Before You By Means of The Bioscope and Urban Films (1903) A

Urban bioscope and accessories (1907)CF

Urban Bioscopes, cameras and accessories : price list (1910)CF

Urbanora projectors, cameras and accessories : price list, 1914 CF

Vente annuelle de films échantillons / Urban trading Co.. – Paris : Urban trading Co., [s.d.] CF

Bulletin No. 1, Choicest “Charles Urban’s” Films (n.d.) RU

Bulletin No. 3, Choicest “Charles Urban’s” Films (n.d.) RU


List of New Films, American and Imported. Boer War, Comedy and Mysterious Subjects (n.d.) RU

New Vitagraph Features! (1903-1904) RU