Domitor Conference 2016 – Stockholm

Marina Dahlquist, Doron Galili, Jan Olsson and Valentine Robert (eds.): Corporeality in Early Cinema: Viscera, Skin, and Physical Form


Domitor Conference 2014 – Chicago

Scott Curtis, Tom Gunning, Philippe Gauthier, and Joshua Yumibe (eds.): The Image in Early Cinema: Form and Material


Domitor Conference 2012 – Brighton

Kaveh Askari, Scott Curtis, Frank Gray, Louis Pelletier, Tami Williams, and Joshua Yumibe (eds.): Performing New Media, 1890-1915


Domitor Conference 2010 – Toronto

Marta Braun, Charlie Keil, Rob King, Paul Moore, and Louis Pelletier (eds.): Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema


Domitor Conference 2008 – Perpignan/Girona

François de la Bretèque (ed.): Peripheral Early Cinema

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Domitor Conference 2006 – Ann Arbor

Richard Abel, Giorgio Bertellini, and Rob King (eds): Early Cinema and the “National”


Domitor Conference 2004 – Utrecht

Frank Kessler and Nanna Verhoeff (eds): Networks of Entertainment. Early Film Distribution 1895-1915


Domitor Conference 2002 – Montreal

Rosanna Maule (ed), Representational Technologies and the Discourse on Early Cinema’s Apparatus / Les Technologies de représentation et le discours sur le dispositif cinématographique des premiers temps,Cinema & Cie, no. 3, Fall 2003, Il Castoro Editore, Milan, automne 2003, pages 4-93.


Melanie Nash, Jean-Pierre Sirois-Trahan, (eds.), Dispositif(s) du cinéma (des premiers temps), Cinémas, vol.14, no.1, Montréal, automne 2003, 219 pages.

André Gaudreault, Catherine Russell, Pierre Véronneau (eds.), La Cinématographie, nouvelle technologie du XXe siècle / The Cinema, A New Technology for the 20th Century, Lausanne: Payot, 2004, 398 pages.

Domitor Conference 2000 – Udine

Leornardo Quaresima, Laura Vichi (ed.), La decima musa. Il cinema e le altre arte, Udine: Forum, 2001, 640 pages.


Domitor Conference 1998 – Washington, D.C.

Richard Abel and Rick Altman (eds.), The Sounds of Early Cinema (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2001), pages xi-xvi, 3-327.


Richard Abel and Rick Altman (eds.), “Global Experiments in Early Synchronous Sound,” Film History, 11.4 (1999), pages 395-498. (A special Domitor issue of the journal Film History which included additional papers presented at the conference.)

One further essay was published: Herbert Reynolds, “Aural Gratification with Kalem Films: A Case History of Music, Lectures and Sound Effects, 1907-1917,” Film History 12.4 (2000, pages 417-442.

Domitor Conference 1996 – Paris

Michel Marie, Laurent le Forestier (eds.) with Catherine Schapira, La Firme Pathé Frères, Paris: AFRHC, 2004, 447 pages.


Domitor Conference 1994 – New York

Claire Dupré La Tour, André Gaudreault, Roberta Pearson (eds.), Le cinéma au tournant du siècle / Cinema at the Turn of the Century. Québec: Éditions Nota Bene / Lausanne: Éditions Payot Lausanne, 1999, 397 pages.


Domitor Conference 1992 – Lausanne

Roland Cosandey, François Albéra (eds.), Cinéma sans frontières/Cinema Across Borders, Québec: Payot-Lausanne and Nuit Blanche Editeur, 1995, 384 pages.


Domitor Conference 1990 – Quebec

Roland Cosandey, André Gaudreault, Tom Gunning (eds.), Une Invention du diable? Cinéma des premiers temps et religion/An Invention of the Devil? Religion and Early Cinema, Québec: Payot-Lausanne and Nuit Blanche Editeur, 1992, 376 pages.