Partnership with Media History Digital Library

Thanks to the financial support of Domitor, the MHDL (David Pierce, founder and director and Eric Hoyt, co-director) was able to add many important early cinema publications to its collection, including The Film Index (1909-1911), Exhibitors’ Times (1913), and pre-1920 volumes of Picture Show, Motion Picture News, Exhibitors Herald, Cine-Journal, Billboard, Cinema News, Property Gazette, Moving Picture World and Motion Picture Studio Directory and Trade Annual. One of the highlights of the MHDL collection is U.S. vs. Motion Picture Patents Company (1912-1913). Domitor funded the digitization of all seven volumes. See

Partnership with the Media Ecology Project and the Library of Congress

Thanks to our partnership with the Media Ecology Project (MEP), in particular the collaboration between Mark Williams (director of the MEP, Dartmouth College) and Tami Williams, and thanks to Mike Mashon (Head of the Moving Image Section at the LOC), Domitor supported the digitization and online release of approximately 150 films from the LOC Paper Print Collection, including a large selection of Florence Lawrence films. We are pleased to facilitate video access to Domitor’s members upon request in order to support the vital exchange of materials and archival metadata to which members can contribute.

Collaborations between Domitor Members

Collaborative projects are taking place inside Domitor’s members-only site. Other research and discussion are generated through the Domitor listserv (click to join it freely). If you are interested in becoming a member of Domitor and gaining access to the members-only site, visit this page.