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New and Improved Women Film Pioneers Project

On the eve of their 6-year anniversary, the Women Film Pioneers Project relaunched a reimagined and reinvigorated home for their digital resource as part of their continued commitment to the advancement of research on women filmmakers in the silent era. Here are the main updates:

  • The redesign focuses on improving reader experience and accessibility across the website, making the text more readable and improving navigation through and between content. It also features an improved image viewing experience, a reimagined news archive, and new, clearer guidance on how to use their resource and how to contribute to their publication.
  • The reorganization of WFPP’s Resources highlights vital contributions to their research community with a collection of bibliographies, current events, and digital and audio-visual tools.
  • The addition of individual DOIs and versioned records of each Pioneer profile and Overview essay.
  • Projections, a new digital forum for original scholarship, writing, and multimedia content. Projections posts will take the form of self-reflexive essays, online curatorial projects, image galleries, data visualizations, multimedia analyses of a particular film, research updates, and more. Inaugurating this exciting multimedia section is Kiki Loveday’s queer reading of Alice Guy’s early films with the timely “Do You Believe in Fairies? Cabbages, Victorian Memes, and the Birth of Cinema: Seeing Sapphic Sexuality in the Silent Era.”