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Remapping Early British Cinema: A Symposium

Remapping Early British Cinema: A Symposium 

26-27 May 2021

A series of major publications in recent years have shed fresh light on the early British film business, from the 19th century pioneers up to the boom in cinema building before the First World War. Do these require revision of the standard histories by Rachael Low and John Barnes, which were pioneering in their time? And how are new historical insights best distributed, accessed, and debated in the digital era?
Speakers at this two-day symposium will include Barry Anthony, Simon Brown, Zoë Viney Burgess, Jon Burrows, Ian Christie, Malcolm Cook, Peter Domankiewicz, Frank Gray, Luke McKernan, Simon Popple, Laraine Porter, Deac Rossell, Vanessa Toulmin
The symposium will run between 14.00-18.00 on Microsoft Teams hosted by Birkbeck. Contact for detailed timetable and access information.
Organisers: Ian Christie and Malcolm Cook

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