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Deac Rossell, Early Cinema and Optical Media: An Index to Print Anthologies and Exhibition Catalogues, Part I-IV (Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 2023)

Film historian Deac Rossell announced that his awaited “Index to Print Anthologies and Exhibition Catalogues” will be published in four parts in the Historical Journal of Film, Media and Television throughout 2023. Rossell’s large scale index to published work in early cinema and its predecessor media will be of substantial help to both researchers entering the field and to those more experienced – and it references all of Domitor’s publications ! You will be able to search the index by Author’s name, Topics (23 topic entries referenced) and Time Periods.

“The text that follows is Part I of an index to print anthologies and exhibition catalogues on early cinema, the magic lantern, chronophotography and related media topics. This first part is an alphabetical list by author of more than 1800 chapters in published anthologies and catalogues, accompanied by a condensed register of the volumes indexed that allows each individual chapter to be traced to its source. In the next issue of the Journal, Part II will publish the full, detailed register of books indexed alongside the first half of the index’s re-arrangement of each chapter into 23 main topics and their associated sub-topics. Subsequently, Part III will publish the second half of the topics index, and Part IV an arrangement of the chapters into six time periods, with both sections again accompanied by the condensed register of books indexed. As a whole, the index is intended to enable any scholar, whether experienced or just beginning their work, to follow existing work on a specialist topic, by a single author, or within their chosen period of investigation.” (Deac Rossell, 2023)

You can already consult prepublication digital copies of Deac’s work online, at the following links:

Part 1 (Alphabetical list of chapters by author)
Part 2 (Topics Index 1-22)
Part 3 (Topics Index 12-23)
Part 4 (Time Period Index)