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Latest Issue of “The Moving Image” about Early Cinema and the Archives

The Moving Image 16:1, “Early Cinema and the Archives”

Edited by Tami Williams

Very excited to announce this special issue of The Moving Image, 16.1, on Early Cinema and the Archives, courtesy of series editors Don Crafton and Susan Ohmer, and guest editor Tami Williams, with wonderful articles by numerous active Domitor members, including Meredith Bak, Barbara Flueckiger, Eric Hoyt, Sabine Lenk, Dimitrios Latsis, and Colin Williamson, to name a few.


Table of Contents, Volume 16 – Issue 1

Editors’ Foreword
by Susan Ohmer and Donald Crafton

Guest Editor’s Foreword: Early Cinema and the Archives
by Tami Williams


The Ludic Archive: The Work of Playing with Optical Toys
by Meredith A. Bak

The Beginnings of Cinema as a Museum Exhibit: The Cases of the Smithsonian Institution and the Science Museum in London
by Dimitrios Latsis

Insight and Axioms: Harold G. Brown and the Identification of Early Films
by Sabine Lenk

Who’s Trending in 1910s American Cinema? Exploring ECHO and MHDL at Scale with Arclight
by Derek Long, Eric Hoyt, Kevin Ponto, Tony Tran, and Kit Hughes

Data-Driven Research for Film History: Exploring the Jean Desmet Collection
by Christian Gosvig Olesen, Eef Masson, Jasmijn Van Gorp, Giovanna Fossati, and Julia Noordegraaf

“Digital Desmet”: Translating Early Applied Colors
by Barbara Flueckiger, Franziska Heller, Claudy Op den Kamp, and David Pfluger


Reclaiming “Lost” Films: The Paper Print Fragment Collection and the American Film Company
by Colin Williamson and Dana Driskel

Ephemera as Medium: The Afterlife of Lost Films
by Paul S. Moore

Méliès’s Voyage Restoration: or, The Risk of Being Stuck in the Digital Reconstruction
by Martin Bonnard

The Media Ecology Project: Library of Congress Paper Print Pilot
by Mark Williams