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Cours en ligne du BFI sur le cinéma victorien

Le British Film Institute a créé un cours en ligne sur l’émergence du cinéma à la fin de l’ère victorienne (1895-1901). Les experts qui en sont les enseignants sont Bryony Dixon, Mark Reid, Gemma Starkey. Le cours est gratuit et en voici les objectifs:

  • Investigate the late Victorian period in Britain. Unravel and discuss common myths about the era, and examine what Victorian films reveal about the society that produced them.
  • Examine how film became a key medium to explore the rapidly-changing Victorian world; both at home and abroad. Discover why a phantom ride isn’t as scary as it sounds, and have the opportunity to make your own to share with peers.
  • Explore the Victorian imagination and learn about what audiences watched and why. Watch and examine a wide variety of films from comedies and trick films to serious dramas and adaptations.
  • Draw parallels with the visual spectacles available in Victorian period and our own multimedia landscape.
  • Programme a dynamic play bill for a Victorian audience and explain your choices.


Vous pouvez accéder au cours ici.