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Appel à candidatures pour 1-2 doctorats à l’Université de Copenhague (Danemark)

1 à 2 Doctorats rémunérés à pourvoir


Le département des Arts et Etudes culturelles, Faculté des lettres, Université de Copenhague (UCPH), au Danemark, met au concours un à deux doctorats affiliés au projet de recherche “Uncertain Archives”. Le poste est pour une période de 3 ans commençant au 1er septembre 2017.

Description du cadre de recherche (en anglais):

Big data archives offer themselves as reassuring, neutral and innovative systems for the oversight of today’s information deluge. Yet recent information scandals suggest that big data entail not only big possibilities, but also a considerable range of uncertainties. It is these uncertainties to which Uncertain Archives is addressed. The project draws on liaison with computer technologists, sociologists, contemporary art practitioners and policy makers to forge a theoretically-informed approach both to the technical and to the ethico-political implications of archival uncertainty for the organization of knowledge today. We now seek to extend the group with two PhDs who wish to work on these issues on a scale that may go from intimate self-tracking devices to the infrastructural scale of the smart city. In particular we encourage applications that build bridges between computer science, health, urban studies, the arts and cultural theory.

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Délai des candidatures : 1er août 2017 (23:59)