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Crisis at Cinemateca Brasileira and Cinemateca Capitólio

Earlier this year, the Brazilian Association of Audiovisual Preservation (ABPA) circulated a letter denouncing serious impediments to the regular activities of research, preservation and exhibition at the Cinemateca Brasileira and the Cinemateca Capitólio in Porto Alegre.

Cinemateca Brasileira, São Paulo

Such difficulties are the direct result of the Brazilian government’s decisions to outsource these institutions’ management to external organisations (which, as the letter explains, are often underqualified for the job and ideologically aligned with the government) and to relocate staff that had been working at the Cinematecas.

Along with the International Federation of Film Archives (FIAF), Domitor expresses its support for the staff at Cinemateca Brasileira and Cinemateca Capitólio, upon whose expertise and work the preservation of the adudiovisual heritage of Brazil and its diverse communities relies.

Open Letter_ABPA

FIAF’s Statement about the current difficulties faced by the Cinemateca Brasileira