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Visible Evidence 25 CFP

Dear Domitorians,

Given the history of productive exchanges between the Domitor and Visible Evidence communities, please take note of the CFP for Visible Evidence 25 below.


Oliver Gaycken


Hey everyone,


I’m really pleased to be able announce the Call for Papers for Visible Evidence 25 and the launch of the new (hopefully) long-standing Visible Evidence website.  See


A couple of things to note about the CFP:

·      The due date is November 15, which I know is a bit earlier than normal.  The idea was to try to notify people by early-mid January in the hopes that college/university coffers are more likely to have funds that time of year than later.

·      You’ll see we are also offering sessions for screenings by documentary filmmakers who would like to show their work at VE XXV.


And a few things to note about the website itself:

·      You’ll see that we have some special pages on the new site.  We have a new global “Documentary Events” page that aims to call attention to a range of documentary film culture-related news from around the world on a monthly basis.  We also have the Visible Evidence Forum, which will experiment with new forms on online, collaborative scholarship.  The first forum will be published in January of 2018.

·      We’re still refining a couple of other sections of the website, including loading the materials from the previous conferences.


Please write to me with any questions, comments, or concerns.  And be sure to forward the VE XXV Call for Papers to any lists, sites, or communities you think will be interested.


Best to all,

Josh Malitsky​